14 HUGE MCU Announcements From Disney's D23 Expo

13. She-Hulk

She Hulk
Marvel Studios

She-Hulk was always heavily linked with a move to the MCU, but nothing concrete has ever materialised besides a few rumours. Until now, that is.

After already unveiling lots of shows at Comic Con, Disney also added She-Hulk and two others to Phase 4, with confirmation of the release placement coming in a visual at D23...

Disney+ Phase 4
Twitter/Hanna Flint

She-Hulk is of course the alter-ego of Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner's cousin who is also a lawyer and transforms into She-Hulk after getting a blood transfusion from Banner, which seems like the kind of thing you'd avoid if you knew your blood was radiative. Particularly now that he's Professor Hulk. Presumably that means Mark Ruffalo will be making some sort of appearance?

Unlike her cousin used to be, she is in better control of her emotions better stays in her She-Hulk alter-ego most of the time. That could be explained in the show by the whole Professor Hulk thing, actually...

There's no casting news as of yet but Kevin Feige says the series would be "unlike anything we've done before."

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