14 Memorable Moments From This Year's Oscars

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All that campaigning is finally over, and the Oscars are done for another year. It's fair to say that this was one of the most predictable Oscar ceremonies in recent years: despite the battle for Best Picture being the most heavily-contested in memory, there wasn't a single shock win, with the Best Documentary and Best Foreign Film categories being the only two to offer even mild surprises. So predictable, yes, but also pretty satisfying for the most part, even if the typically bloated run-time again felt ridiculously excessive. One of the great joys of movie awards shows is getting to see drunk celebrities clambering around helplessly on stage, and though there weren't many major dramatic moments last night, there were plenty of hilarious and satisfying scenes to remember. We had a classic host returning to duty, a focus away from the mean-spiritedness of last year's awards, unexpectedly moving tributes to fallen actors, the usual controversy about who didn't make the In Memoriam segment, an increasing array of Twitter plugs, and a writer-director controversy in the midst. What did you make of this year's Oscars? Did the right movie win Best Picture? Did we miss any of your favourite moments? Let us know in the comments!
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