14 Most Out Of Place Scenes In Movie History

What just happened!?

Star Trek Into Darkness Carol Marcus Alice Eve

Everyone's seen a movie that's chugging along nicely...and then out of nowhere, a scene unfolds that feels so jarringly out of place that it takes you out of the film for at least a few minutes.

There's a lot to be said for writers and directors that understand how to craft a tonally consistent movie, but in these cases, the scenes feel like they belong in completely different movies.

Though a few of these scenes were clearly written to intentionally clash with the rest of the film, for the most part they're distracting out of step with everything else, occasionally for the better, but mostly for the worse.

From aggressively weird dream sequences nobody asked for to oddly serious moments in ridiculous movies, peculiar subplots that ultimately go nowhere and a certain gratuitous striptease scene in a recent sci-fi blockbuster, these 14 scenes are by far the most aggressively, awkwardly out of place in movie history...


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