14 Most Out Of Place Scenes In Movie History

14. Alan's Dream - Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park 3 Nightmare

The Scene: After falling asleep during the flight to Isla Nublar, Alan Grant (Sam Neill) dreams that the plane has been abandoned mid-air, and as he turns, he's met by a Velociraptor, which shouts "Alan!" with a human voice, causing Alan to wake up, safely on-board the plane in reality.

Why It's Out Of Place: Even though Jurassic Park III is a mostly bad movie with its fair share of goofy moments (the phone in the T-Rex's stomach, Barney the Dinosaur anyone?), to stoop to the level of including an animatronic dinosaur that speaks to Alan is just too much.

Though the scene is mercifully brief and the talking dinosaur appears for just a few seconds, it's so misguided on a tonal and directorial level that it's been impossible to forget ever since.


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