14 Movies That Will Make You Glad You're Single

11. The Fly

Picture this, you find a man who's a little quirky (well, he's Jeff Goldblum), he shows you an invention that has apparently made teleportation a possibility. After going through this machine, he's now stronger, faster and full of sexual vigour, dream come true, right? Well, no, you see he is slowly turning into a human fly, drawbacks, ay? Yes, one of the greatest remakes of all-time, David Cronenberg's The Fly teaches us that love isn't all about looks, that is until your boyfriend tries to eat you, but these are just hurdles that must be overcome. Really though all this film does is tell you that the perfect guy is actually a humanoid insect that will try to dissolve you with vomit before consuming your melted corpse, classic.

10. School Of Rock

I'm actually kind of on Ned's girlfriend's side in this film. I mean, imagine if your boyfriend was sharing your house with his best friend who still thinks he can make it as a musician (did I mention he's in his 30s?), you probably would be at least a little annoyed. But no, we are made to side with Ned in this film and as soon as his girlfriend is introduced it's pretty much established that he will dump her by the end to move forward with his life. Yes guys, according to this film all girlfriends are manipulative and vindictive with a hatred of you and everyone you associate with, just become a rocking musician instead, it'll make you feel better.

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