14 Movies You Didn't Realise Stupidly Broke Their Own Rules

14. Laughter Is FAR More Powerful Than Screams - Monsters Inc

Disney Pixar
Disney Pixar

The Rule

The energy crisis in Monstropolis is ultimately solved at the end of Monsters Inc when Sully and Mike inadvertently discover that Boo's laughter is a far more powerful source of energy (ten times more powerful, in a pleasantly Disney-like revelation) so the whole company changes its approach, under Sully's leadership, to send funny monsters into children's rooms late at night to tell them jokes (which for some reason feels even more sinister.)

But Wait...

Boo basically laughs for the whole movie - they might just be little giggles, like the one above, but they should have at least some reaction. This is a power source ten times more powerful than the juice they use to power every single thing in their world, including cars, and Boo keeps letting little bits out, like a leaky power plant: and when the film already establishes that a full-on laugh is enough to literally explode electronic things that are turned on, a giggle must be worth a flicker of lights or something?

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