14 Movies You Didn't Realise Stupidly Broke Their Own Rules

13. Only The Worthy May Pass - The Never Ending Story

Never Ending Story
Warner Bros.

The Rule

Androgenous child warrior Atreyu must navigate three gates to get to the Southern Oracle, the first of which is the Great Riddle Gate (as named in the book, because it actually asks all the riddles in the universe, and basically keeps the trespasser captive until they die, because nobody had Facebook to ask for help with the really hard ones) an ordeal that requires complete worthiness to gain a pass.

The sphinxes' default setting is Eyes Closed, and if they open them, all Hell will reign down, as they will shoot energy out of their eyes, because their ONE JOB is to stop the unworthy getting through at all costs.

But Wait...

When Atreyu attempts to pass, it looks a bit like he's going to make it, before the sphinxes' eyes open, because he is judged unworthy to make it past the sphinxes (possibly for the same reason that his horse was depressed,) and he is duly blasted to smithereerns. Except that he's not, because the sphinx-laser beam misses, and he's allowed to go on his merry way.

So apparently the magical designers of the sphinx just left an almighty back door where the all-powerful sphinxes are flummoxed if you move at the speed of a running child.

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