14 Movies You Didn't Realise Stupidly Broke Their Own Rules

12. Davey Jones Can't Walk On Dry Land - The Pirates Of The Caribbean

Davy Jones Dry Land

The Rule

The captain of the Flying Dutchman cannot go on dry land for more than a single day every decade - such is his curse and his burden. It's a pretty big deal in the tragic resolution of Will and Elizabeth's story, as there's no way he can live with his son and enjoy a full life without being turned into an unholy fish goblin.

But Wait...

Except, he could just be put in a bucket. Okay, so if Will decided to live in a bucket (or as a logical extrapolation, just constructed some sort of pool system in his home to navigate without ever actually being "on-land" by the definition of Jones' handy loophole) he would still get a fish head like Jones and his crew, but he could quite clearly spend some of his time at home and some ferrying the dead until his barnacles fell off again.

If you're going to lock someone into a tricksy voodoo contract, it's probably best not to have a gigantic loophole unnecessarily included.

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