14 Predictions For Next Summer's Biggest Movies

Han Solo is destined to be a mixed bag.

Han Solo

2017's summer movie season is only just beginning to wind down, and as rock solid as it's been for the most part, it's always fun to look forward to the future and consider what might become of next summer's biggest and most anticipated films.

From ambitious new entries in some of the world's favourite blockbuster franchises to lower-budget movies that are nevertheless hoping to take the world by storm, these 14 films are sure to be on everyone's lips this time next year for one reason or another.

And so come the questions: which films will actually live up to the hype? Which will prove horrendously disappointing? What's going to bomb at the box office? And who's going to die in what's unquestionably the biggest movie of not only next summer, but the entirety of next year?

It's understandably easy to get excited about next summer's cinematic slate already, and while a little healthy skepticism is definitely recommended, if next year can turn out anywhere near as many crowd-pleasing hits as this past summer, it's going to be another glorious season at the cinema...

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Han Solo
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