14 Shocking Facts From The Sony Leak

The hits just keep on coming for poor Sony...

Sony have not been having a great month, to say the least. On November 24th, Sony Pictures Entertainment's servers were hacked, with reportedly 100 TB of company data including movies, payroll information and social security details being swiped, much of it having already been posted online via torrent websites. It's widely believed that the hackers originate from North Korea as a response to the originally planned Christmas-time release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie The Interview, which depicts the pair being recruited to assassinate the country's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un. Follow-up messages from the hackers, calling themselves Guardians of Peace, also threatened that anyone going to see the movie will be risking a "bitter fate", which led to the shocking news last night that Sony have pulled the movie's release completely. As various news outlets have attempted to sift through the e-mails released so far, juicy gossip and information on upcoming projects has begun to trickle out, and will surely continue to do so over the coming weeks, especially with the hackers claiming that a ruinous "Christmas gift" is on the way which will embarrass Sony even further. The data ranges from full plot leaks of huge upcoming movies, to production troubles between executives, flippant private remarks embarrassingly made public, troubling gender pay disparities, the identification of Sony's most unpopular talent, and the revelation that one bizarre (but potentially awesome) movie cross-over is in the works. Here are 14 shocking facts everyone learned from the Sony leak...

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