14 Shocking Facts From The Sony Leak

14. Spectre Spoilers Leak & The Production Is Over-Budget

One of the more fascinating things to emerge from the Sony leak has been the e-mail correspondence during the pre-production of the latest Bond film, Spectre. Several executives discussed aspects of an earlier draft of the script, noting what did and didn't quite work, and then later, a significantly revised shooting outline of the entire movie appeared online, containing extensive spoilers for what is apparently the final, complete plot of the movie. MGM president Jonathan Glickman also expressed concern over the movie's ballooning budget, which was apparently in the region of $300 million. He suggested a few widely-mocked ideas to cut the budget, such as using less train carriages during an action sequence and removing rain from the film's climax, but Bond producer Barbara Broccoli summarily shot them down. Though these leaks don't exactly do great PR for the movie, at least the new plot structure appears to be a significant improvement over the dubious original script.

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