14 Star Wars Original Trilogy Easter Eggs You Need To See

12. The Outrider

Star Wars Mos Eisley

In the Special Editions when Luke and Obi-Wan enter Mos Eisley the city is far from the quiet scum-hive it was in the originals; there's all manner of aliens running around and a myriad of ships taking off. Among them is The Outrider, which can be seen taking off just before the mind trick scene (top right of the above image).

The Outrider is the personal ship of smuggler Dash Rednar, the protagonist of Star Wars multimedia project Shadows Of The Empire. Showing what happened between Empire Strikes Back's cliffhanger and the opening of Return Of The Jedi (turns out Boba didn't go straight to Tatooine), it unfolded in books, comics and even video games, with the Outrider, a close design relation to the Millennium Falcon, playing a central role.

Shadows Of The Empire happened only a year before the Special Editions where this egg was added, meaning at the time it was rather relevant.

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