14 Star Wars Original Trilogy Easter Eggs You Need To See

11. Metallic Dice

Star Wars Dice

When making Star Wars one of George Lucas' big stylistic ideas was to give the galaxy far, far away a lived-in feel. Previously sci-fi had been dominated by clean, new technology, but once Star Wars presented this more realistic style soon the whole genre changed in look (compare Blade Runner to Logan's Run). One little way that helped create this style was giving the workings of the new societies an internal logic similar to our own. For, example, hanging dice in our vehicles, which Han does in the Falcon (occasionally); in one scene (the approach on the Death Star) a pair of gold dice can be seen hanging in the cockpit.

Why they're only in one scene had never been explained, but it was a big enough appearance for them to pop up in a few comics and books (this is Star Wars after all). There are reports that the Millennium Falcon in Episode VII will once again feature these dice, with the production reportedly buying a set off eBay (seriously) for the film.

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