14 Upcoming Movie Sequels Nobody Asked For

13. Underworld: Blood Wars

Screen Gems

Release Date: January 6, 2017

Who ever would have expected that the 2003 Kate Beckinsale-starring actioner would still be lingering around in the form of yet another sequel in 2016?

When not even the original movie was really particularly good, it's undeniably impressive that it's clung on for four follow-ups, with even more planned should Blood Wars be a success.

These movies don't even touch the sides as far as plot and character go: you watch them, you forget about them, and they keep pumping more out. If another one never happened, who would honestly cry foul?

Could It Be Any Good?: Of the four movies so far, not a single one has risen above watchable (and the majority are straight-up bad), so it's not terribly likely. Still, Kate Beckinsale kicking a** has an undeniable appeal, though that'll probably be where the fun begins and ends.


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