14 Upcoming Movies That Will Definitely Get Cancelled

Solo Cyborg? No chance.

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As any film fan knows, Hollywood is a crazy, fickle business, where absurdly unlikely movies begin production every day, and sure-things languish in development Hell for years, even decades.

While these 14 movies have all been announced and confirmed in one form or another, some apparently preparing to start shooting while others remain in developmental stages, the evidence pointing to their eventual existence sadly isn't that compelling.

The reasons for these movies likely never coming to fruition are numerous: a bumbling studio with no idea what it's doing, a busy cast or star enjoying newfound success, or the simple fact that getting the movie made is more effort than it's worth.

Of course, we'd love to be wrong in a more than a few instances, but it's best to remain pessimistic about these films ever seeing the light of day. Here are 14 upcoming movies that will definitely get cancelled...

14. Friday The 13th


The Hype: The Friday the 13th saga gets a second reboot, returning to tell the origin story of young Jason Voorhees and the involvement of his demented mother, Pamela.

Why It Won't Happen: It's truly baffling that, after 2009's remake was a box office hit, a sequel wasn't quickly churned out, and some 7 years later, fans are still without another Jason movie.

The project has stalled so many times that it seems like a) Paramount aren't that fussed about re-starting the franchise and b) nobody working on the movie really knows what they're doing.

While it would be foolish to assume that there will never be another Jason movie, this iteration just seems destined to die. Perhaps it should be allowed to go away for a decade or so, when a whole new creative team and maybe even a new studio can try their own unique take.

Why It Still Could: This franchise is basically an exercise in printing easy money, so even the most incompetent studio executive could probably make a lazy, terrible reboot profitable. With that in mind, it's quite possible the film could make its new release date of October 13, 2017.

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