15 Actors Who Really Wanted To Be In Comic Book Movies (And Failed)

It could have all been so, so different.

Michael Jackson The Riddler
Warner Bros.

Never have superhero movies been as popular as they are today, among both film fans and actors alike. With the insane levels of cash being generated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC opting to follow a similar model, the trend has been set and isn't showing any signs that it will be changing any time soon. Of course, superheroes have been around a lot longer than the idea of an on-screen shared universe, as have superhero movies.

Before Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios came along and changed the game, the roles of the world's most famous superheroes were still highly coveted by Hollywood's highest earners, just as they are today. There are, of course, more suitable actors than there are superhero projects, meaning there is always going to be a list of names made up of the guys who missed out on their dream part despite their best efforts.

What might surprise you is just how big some of those names are, starting with one of the biggest in Hollywood's history...


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