15 Actors Who Trashed Their Own Movies

Some people are their own worst enemies.


Not every actor or actress is fortunate enough to look back on their list of works and wonder upon their exploits as a head-to-toe collection of greatness.

Even stars make stinkers after all, and Chris Hemsworth’s recent re-evaluation of Thor: The Dark World as “meh” stands as proof that even the God of Thunder is not infallible.

Depending on whether you’re more Daniel Day-Lewis and less Danny Dyer, more Cate Blanchett than Katie Price, your CV of film productions is liable to contain a blemish or three.

It’s not surprising artists make mistakes, and it’s also no shock those acting in the often less sturdy sci-fi and comic productions seem to have a particular taste for aiming ire at those past credentials.

Whether a genuine expression of disdain for a film or as part of an ulterior motive, many have railed against the usually unwritten code of not trashing one’s own film - for self-preservation, if nothing else.


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