15 Australian Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

Scares from a land down under.

Cargo Zombie Film
Mad Man Dilms

Ah, Australia. The land of terrifyingly large killer spiders, backpacker murderers, drop bears and Russell Crowe. With so many things ready to kill you at a moment’s notice it’s no wonder that Australia makes a perfect setting for horror movies.

And strewth almighty, have our Aussie friends given us some bloody brilliant horrors in the past forty or so years. Shame then that, barring a few exceptions, many more than worthy Australian horror movies haven’t gotten quite as much attention internationally as other geographically specific genres like J-Horror or New French Extremity.

But thankfully, we’re here to change that and shine a well deserving light and the best and bloodiest horrors the land down under has to offer. So, brace yourself for murderous maniacs as mad as a meat axe and scenes so gory they’ll make you chunder.

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