15 Awesome Comic Book Movie Heroes Without Superpowers

Hawkeye Fires Blind We often watch the likes of Superman, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Green Lantern (who all have powers, whether they be inherent, tech-based or otherwise) whilst completely overlooking the fact that some of the characters who fight alongside them (or at least who battle the same types of evil villains) are having to do so without the superpowers that those big guns possess. It's easy to do that because the non-powered characters make up for what they lack by virtue of being supremely skilled, by operating at the peak of human fitness and by being incredibly strong-willed and determined. It allows them to stand up to the armies, the aliens and super-genius rogues that normal humans don't stand a chance against and they have to be admired for that (even if they do appear in terrible films or have incredibly irritating personalities). So, on that note, here are fifteen comic book movie heroes without superpowers...

Honourable Mentions: Jonah Hex & John Constantine

Hex Constantine Despite having no offensive superpowers, both Jonah Hex and John Constantine miss out on a place on this list thanks to having other kinds of otherworldly abilities. Hex, having been brought back to life by the mystical powers of some American Indians, has the ability to temporarily resurrect and communicate with the dead whilst in physical contact with them, while Constantine has the ability to perceive the true visage of half-angels and half-demons on the human plane. It's also debatable as to whether either character can truly be considered a "hero". Hex is an anti-hero in the true sense of the term, while Constantine initially committed suicide - a sin for which he was damned to hell - prior to being revived by paramedics. While I'm not totally against putting anti-heroes on this list (indeed there are some), the fact that they also possess a form of superpower means there's too much going against them to fit the criteria. And now on to the actual list...

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