15 Badasses We Would Like To See In The Expendables 3

It's probably going to happen, so we might as well embrace it. A cast wish list for The Expendables 3!

Depending on your view of the franchise, news that The Expendables WILL return for a third outing could be met with either jubilation or exasperation. Personally, I think that there is always room for Barney Ross and his band of gun toting mercenaries. Following the relative success of The Expendables 2, Stallone and producer Avi Lerner have made announcements of their intent to make The Expendables 3. Naturally, the net is abuzz with predictions of who will enlist for the third outing. And names such as Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes and Steven Segal are being thrown about with real weight; they have all but signed on the dotted line. But while we are still in the ambiguity of a pre-script stage, let us indulge for a moment. Cinema is filled with action stars ripe for the choosing, and although some are too established as certain characters in other franchises (Daniel Craig, Christian Bale) or not right for The Expendables universe (Keanu Reeves, Channing Tatum), I can think of at least 15 badass thespians perfect for the job. Ladies and gents, I give you my list of 15 Badasses We Would Like To See In The Expendables 3. All of which come with a suggested weapon of choice€because, you know, every mercenary needs a specialty.

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