15 Badasses We Would Like To See In The Expendables 3

1. Danny Trejo

He€™s big, he€™s tough, he€™s iconic, he€™s Mexican and he has the best mustache in modern cinema. Danny Trejo is a perfect fit for The Expendables. Trejo is well aware of the irony needed in quality 80€™s homage action, and has proved himself well worthy of an action hero mantle in films such as Machete, Desperado and Predators. Although it would be easy to cast him as right hand man to the main villain, I can€™t help but think that he would be much more suited to decapitating generic henchmen with Stallone. Although the first Expendables went down the South American route, Mexico was untouched. I can see Trejo getting his induction to the group via some form of team up with ex-drug cartel members to take out a mutual enemy. Possible Weapon: An obscene hunting knife big enough to be classed as a sword.

2. Kurt Russell

Who wouldn€™t want to see Snake Plissken knocking around with Rambo and The Transporter! Russell has been something of a non-entity of late, but he will forever hold a place in the eons of history as an iconic action hero of the 80€™s. Russell has the pithy attitude and beautiful hairline to add some much needed class to proceedings. But make no mistake. When push comes to shove, we all know that Russell has more than enough grit to stand up with Stallone and make the hits count. After all, the pair have worked together previously on Tango and Cash. Russell€™s inlet into the group could come from a CIA route. We all know that Bruce Willis€™ Church has government connections, and what better connection than Kurt Russell. Possible Weapon: Semi-Automatic pistol (with laser sight, just for old times sake).

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