15 Bafflingly High Rotten Tomatoes Scores You Won't Believe

Undeniable proof that you should never trust a film critic...

Film buffs tend to put a lot of stock in critical reviews, and specifically the coveted Rotten Tomatoes score. The aggregation website's estimation of a film is often used (albeit incorrectly) as an objective barometer of taste in arguments on movie forums, even though it is often completely out of line with popular opinion. Admittedly, most of the time critics are much harsher than audiences, hence why Michael Bay's Transformers movies have been largely panned while printing money at the box office, but on occasion, critics will grade something significantly higher than most audiences. Yes, a lot of this tends to be card-carrying art-house fare that regular audiences aren't at all interested in, but sometimes they'll also give divisive efforts a relatively easy pass, resulting in mass outrage. These 15 movies were either widely dismissed by or heavily divided audiences upon release, yet that didn't stop the critics from lavishing (possibly undeserved) praise on each of them. This article is going to attempt to dig into why the critics were wrong, and what their possible thinking could have been for going so easy on films that clearly needed a little more consideration. Also, because it's much easier for older films to score higher ratings due to lesser reviews, the list will focus primarily on relatively new films from the last two decades or so. Here are 15 bafflingly high Rotten Tomatoes scores you won't believe...

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