15 Bafflingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores You Won't Believe

From the second-best Die Hard movie to some Arnie classics...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2igx0l_15-bafflingly-low-rotten-tomatoes-scores-you-won-t-believe_shortfilms Following up on the recent article investigating 15 Bafflingly High Rotten Tomatoes Scores You Won't Believe, it's time to head in the opposite direction and look at those movies that, while beloved by audiences, aren't viewed quite so fondly by the critics. Each of these movies has endured over the years as an audience favourite, whether a massive tentpole blockbuster flick or a cult classic, all while the critics have persisted that each really isn't up to much at all. The popular aggregation website has been criticised for lessening diversity of opinion about movies, because many will unconsciously tailor their opinions to suit those of the Tomatometer. As such, it's dangerous that the site is so off-base with regard to so many thoroughly entertaining movies, potentially causing millions of viewers to miss out on a cracking film simply because of an arbitrary percentage score. These widely-panned movies absolutely demand your attention, and as the old adage goes, never trust a film critic! Whether unapologetic, dumb fun, an excellent movie sequel that critics never gave a chance or an early starring role from a divisive (yet immensely popular) comedian, here are 15 bafflingly low Rotten Tomatoes scores you won't believe, 15 movies that the critics just didn't care to "get"...

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