15 Bafflingly Low Rotten Tomatoes Scores You Won't Believe

15. Bad Boys 2 (23%)

Critical Consensus: "Two and a half hours of explosions and witless banter." Why It€™s Wrong: Because Bad Boys 2 is a bada** movie. While it's dumb and clearly aimed at teenage boys despite the prohibitive R-rating, it is one of Bay's better movies, a collision of all of his best instincts into a wildly entertaining, frequently hilarious, gorgeously filmed spectacle. It takes the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from the first film and cranks it up to 11. Yes, it's too long, but it's a thrilling ride that coasts on its sheer insanity and Smith's particularly compelling performance. Why The Critics Hated It: They've always had it out for Michael Bay, and in fairness, most of the time, they're right. His movies are always excessively overlong, and they're rarely particularly intelligent, but the critics went in expecting to hate this one, and so probably didn't ever really give it a chance.
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