15 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Right Now

Because you don't need everything to be gritty and grim...

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As with Borges’ The Library of Babel, the infinitely vast variety and choice enabled by online streaming services arguably renders them useless. Entire evenings can be wasted deciding what new series or film to watch, with the time elapsed whilst deciding far greater than any Martin Scorsese movie- with no choice ever being made.

The seemingly infinite choice proffered by Netflix et al. is sadly wasted on many who rather than risk watching a new film that may disappoint, would rather stay in the comfort zone by watching Friends for the fifteenth time this year. As a result, Narcos, The Irishman and Stranger Things are able to maintain their perfect, unblemished state of “unwatchedness”. Like a blank Word document yet to be ruined by your attention.

But for those who wish to sojourn into unknown territory and try something new, Netflix is teeming with content that is just waiting to be consumed. And whilst public pressure dictates that you watch the latest gripping drama, Netflix and a complete lack of things to do allows you to intersperse any societally-pressured Breaking Bad viewing with some light-hearted comedy.

So, when the world is saying watch Tiger King, but your heart is saying that you need something a bit lighter, elude the algorithms and follow your funny bone by trying some of Netflix’s best comedy movies.


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