15 Best Feel Good Sci-Fi Movies

Upbeat time travellers, shampoo-averse alien lifeforms, and Marvin the Paranoid Android...

8 Ways The Martian Shows Hollywood How To Do Science Right

Sometimes, you just don’t need to be bummed out by some sci-fi. Yes, alright, okay, so there’s nothing wrong with the devastating brutality of science fiction’s often cold, callous view of humanity, and on occasion we all need a dose of “humanity is the real villains” mindset from the classic likes of Strange Days, the Alien series, or Blade Runner.

Okay, maybe not Alien 3—even if depressing sci-fi is your bag, we’ve got to draw the line at offing Newt offscreen.

But sometimes you just want to see a vision of the future, humanity’s as-yet-unfulfilled potential, and the possibility of extra-terrestrial contact which is, you know, not devoid of hope. Especially in these trying times, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a more uplifting outlook from our sci-fi media, and with that in mind we’ve cobbled together a mega-list of fifteen—count ‘em—fifteen sci-fi flicks which offer a nice feel good boost instead of the usual rain-soaked doom-laden dystopias.

Also for the purposes of this list, the more action-oriented likes of Fury Road haven’t made the cut—it’s not that we don’t find Max kicking War Boys through an engine uplifting, we’re just willing to (reluctantly) admit that this sort of catharsis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

15. Galaxy Quest

8 Ways The Martian Shows Hollywood How To Do Science Right

Sci-fi is rarely more fun than when the inherently slightly silly genre isn’t taking itself too seriously. With this in mind, few staples of science fiction are as readymade for some affectionate piss-taking as Gene Rodenberry’s seminal and often-rebooted utopian series Star Trek.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Alien star Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and even a young Sam Rockwell as a terrified Redshirt, Galaxy Quest mines no end of feel good fun from its genius premise as the aging cast of a classic sci-fi TV show are recruited by actual aliens to aid them in an intergalactic conflict, forcing the squabbling prima donnas to put aside their differences and embody their old characters.

Funny, fast-paced, and clearly affectionate, this flick is a must-see for any fans of feelgood sci-fi.

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