15 Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now

The best ways to get your chills at home right now...


Horror is perhaps the entertainment world's most creatively diverse genre, ranging from supernatural and science-fiction based thrillers to budget indie slasher flicks. What makes horror so unique is its ability to ground itself in audience's everyday fears and bring them to life in some truly shocking ways.

And fans of the genre are truly blessed these days with the arrival of services such as Netflix, which now boasts a huge library of the world's best titles. The platform allows even the lowest of budget films to have a decent crack at breaking out in front of thousands of people, and has led to a surge in unique and creative films being released, sometimes exclusively on the platform.

So whilst franchises such as The Haunting of Hill House and American Horror Story have showcased the potential of horror in the world of series and television, there's really no besting the scare factor and impact of a story in the movie format.

Whether it's with the middle of the day with the light at its brightest or the middle of the night, here's our list of the top 15 horror movies available to watch on Netflix.


Big time horror fan, usually found delivering some seriously subpar content. Believes It Follows might just be the best film ever made.