15 Best Movie Performances Of 2018 (So Far)

9. Matilda Lutz (Revenge)

Revenge Matilda Lutz

If you saw Matilda Lutz's performance in last year's Rings, nobody could blame you for thinking she didn't have much to offer the world of acting.

Then Revenge came out.

This fiercely feminist reinvention of the typical rape-revenge movie sings as loudly as it does thanks to Lutz's incredibly courageous performance. Initially depicted as a beautiful sex object and little else, protagonist Jen soon enough becomes a vengeful protagonist with real agency in her own right.

Lutz is put through the absolute wringer here and fully convinces as her gorgeous mistress eventually turns the tables on her male aggressors. It's not always easy to watch, but this is proof perfect that actors shouldn't be instantly written off on the basis of one bad movie or performance.


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