15 Best Movies About Drugs And Addiction In Cinema History

15. Limitless

Even the ambassadors for Talk To Frank might be tempted into taking "NZT-48" - the little pill that drives the plot of the mind-expanding Limitless. Whilst many drugs in the movies are popped, chopped and huffed for purely pleasure-chasing purposes, NZT works a little differently. Instead of temporarily clouding the mind in a euphoric haze, this drug boots the brain into working at almost maximum capacity, providing the user with ability to recite anything they've ever read, reenact anything they've ever seen, and quite literally live life to the full. Bradley Cooper's Eddie is lost in the grey and lonely world of writer's block when the movie begins, and his world blossoms to vibrant life after knocking back some NZT - reflected in the gorgeous cinematography of Jo Willems. Director Neil Burger splendidly cranks up the lights to give Limitless an effervescent awe, as Eddie gradually discovers the startling capability of the human brain when laced with this unique nootropic drug. Robert De Niro adopts the role of business tycoon that Eddie works with whilst operating under the stimulating effects of NZT, but the writer soon begins to struggle when his supply runs out. The movie goes on to depict how Eddie attempts to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, with a criminal conspiracy slipping itself into the narrative to give Limitless an exciting, thrilling edge.
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