15 Best Romantic Films On Netflix Right Now

The essential heart-breakers and love stories to stream...

New Line Cinema

It's easy to find life becoming quite a grind these days, each day feeling awfully similar to the last and with seemingly no end in sight to the lockdown. With all episodes of The Tiger King exhausted, now is as good a time as any to find something else on Netflix to engage with, and what better than a good old Romance movie to reignite passions and let ourselves have a good cry.

Netflix has a strong range of Romantic Films in their cavalcade of movies, from the quirky to the standard fare from the Romance genre that lets us have a sigh and a cry. While many films on this list fall under the banner of 'Rom-Com', the focus of each film on this list is the Romance, even if there is the odd laugh to be had.

The standard genre trope of dead or dying spouses does not detract from a movie's ability to feature here, even if it is the most overused device in cinema. Providing the death has the desired effect of moving the story forward and making us use several packets of tissues, then it's perfectly suited for this list.


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