15 Best Sci-Fi Movie Sequels EVER

14. Predator 2

Aliens Sigourney Weaver
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Everyone remembers the first time they saw Die Hard director John McTiernan’s tense, jungle-set alien attack thriller Predator, wherein a set of soldiers are besieged by the titular alien hunter, and thought the 1987 original couldn’t be bested. The only way this this franchise could improve itself, we all agreed, was with an LA-set instalment where the retractable-mandible alien thrill-killer could see Sunset Boulevard and meet Lethal Weapon’s Danny Glover.

We all thought that, right?

Well, maybe it was just us, but this underrated instalment from 1990 which transplants the eponymous monster into the gritty environment of sun-drenched LA is a wild ride which fans of the original shouldn’t sleep on. Gory, dark, and surprisingly funny, the film is full of the intense action which made the first flick so great as well as an impressively realized future LA which is both stylish and absurdly nineties, and a stellar central turn from Glover.

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