15 So-Called 'Must See' Films In 2015 (That Might Actually Be Worth Watching)

Hugely hyped movies that will probably be worth the hype. Probably...

Michael Fassbender Steve Jobs With 2014 well and truly sewn up and awards season racing towards its February 22nd conclusion with the Oscars, what better time to look forward to the movies in 2015 that truly might define the year? Sure, there are plenty of movies mentioned in prior articles that are intriguing and might be worth a look, but so many apparently "must see" movies end up being disappointing duds, so it's time to sort through the year's big films and separate the (potential) wheat from the (potential) chaff. It's easy to find more than 50 interesting and highly anticipated movies this year, but in terms of films that will almost certainly hit their targets, the prospects aren't anywhere near as promising. Instead, it's time to defer to those most trusted directors, those most exciting sequels and simply the projects that have the highest chance of not ballsing a great idea up and disappointing everyone. Whether the concluding chapter in a franchise, a bold new effort from a fascinating, young cinematic voice or the tried and tested brilliance of an auteur, these 15 movies will almost certainly deliver great cinema in 2015, and if not, a lot of people will surely be eating their hats. Of course, there's every possibility, slim though it is, that these movies might not live up to expectations, so there's also going to be some consideration as to why or how these movies might fall short of all the hype (even though they probably won't). And without any further ado, here are 15 movies widely regarded as "must see" in 2015 that, more likely than not, will actually be worth shelling out for an overpriced ticket to see...

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