15 Characters Who Will Probably Die In 2017's Biggest Movies

For whom the bell tolls...


If there's one lesson we can all take from the two biggest TV shows of the last decade, it's that killing off main characters for effect is no longer to be considered fatal to the progression of the series. The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones go through characters like underwear, and it seems that Hollywood is beginning to catch up on that level of blood lust.

In the past year or so we've seen Han Solo die, Marvel kill off The Ancient One and cripple War Machine and it looks like most of Rogue One's cast will get their toe tags very soon. And if Disney are that vicious, it seems that nobody can be considered safe. Death is a currency that is growing in value.

With 2017 seeing some major film events and an escalation of stakes in several major franchises, it's not hard to see where Hollywood's Grim Reaper's next targets will come from. So maybe don't get too attached to any of the big characters in the biggest tent-poles coming in the next 12 months. It's going to be emotional.

Here are the most likely names on Hollywood's kill list in 2017...

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