15 Characters Who Will Probably Die In 2017's Biggest Movies

15. Professor X - Logan


Why He Should Die

Nobody should be arguing here that Professor X DESERVES to die, because he plainly doesn't, but his death would be a powerful narrative point that will be key to kicking off the climax of Logan. With Logan's claws retired, he needs a reason to be drawn back in, even with the existence of his abused clone X-23 and the knowledge that he's being hunted.

Killing off Professor X - which appears to have been confirmed by the trailer - would fit that bill.

How He'll Die

The best theory suggests that Wolverine will be made to kill his fellow X-Men (as he did in Old Man Logan), but rather than it being Mysterio who made him see them as attacking villains, it will be an unhinged or controlled Xavier. And that's why Logan is protecting the visibly frailer, more dependant Professor in the trailers.

But as is also clear in the trailers, Xavier is either captured or executed when the pair are found by the Reavers. It would make sense that he would die in their "care" to trigger Logan's berserker rage.

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