15 Characters Who Will Probably Die In 2017's Biggest Movies

14. The Dog (A LOT) - A Dog's Purpose

Universal Pictures

Why It Should Die

As anyone who has read the original book this film is based on (or is even vaguely familiar with the story), A Dog's Purpose makes Marley & Me look like Snoopy. It's the tale of the multiple reincarnations of a single dog as it struggles to find meaning every time it comes back.

So not only does the dog die once, it dies bloody loads of times, in a sort of Quantum Leap style deal. Take hankies.

How It'll Die

At least a couple of times, it'll be put down, just when you've got to love it and empathise with its relationships, sometimes it'll die of old age, maybe it'll even be run over. You know, just absolutely ruining your day on purpose: does it really matter how the dog dies? Just know that YOU ARE GOING TO CRY.


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