15 Cheesy Movie Quotes (That Were Awesome At The Time)

The cheesy movie quote: the silver bullet to any bad movie.

Retrospection is a funny thing. To be able to look back at the things we did, failed to do and enjoyed with a fresh perspective is both a gift and a curse. Of course, the real danger of such nostalgic tendencies is that you may just end up longing for an imperfect past, or over-romanticising the present. As you get older it becomes important to accept that everything ages and tastes develop over time and even change entirely. The very best will stand the test of time, age gracefully and match up with ever-evolving standards; everything else is destined to fall to the wayside, forever spoiled and unloved. Perhaps the greatest victim of time are the very things which entertain us. Who hasn't popped in a DVD of an old favourite and recoiled in horror at the dated dialogue, poor camera work or terrible acting? It's how I imagine Indiana Jones' Dr Belloq felt upon witnessing the pure eldritch chaos contained within the Ark. So in this list I'll be examining quotes which were once awesome, but have since suffered from the inevitable ageing process and now come across as cheesier than the stuff found between the Little Tramp's toes. Or even deliberately cheesy works which have lost some of their previously endearing charm.

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