15 Darkest Disney Villains Of All Time

14. Shere Khan - The Jungle Book (1967)

A lot of people will tell you that Shere Khan€™s hatred of humanity comes from childhood trauma, his family having been killed by men. There€™s no evidence of that: what€™s apparent is that he hunts man because he fears no one and nothing except guns and fire, the tools of man. The whole jungle fears Shere Khan, and with good reason: the huge tiger has no equal in the animal kingdom. A merciless, cruel lone killer, Shere Khan€™s coming is whispered about long before he arrives, so fierce is his reputation: he€™s a serial killer in feline form. But a serial killer with manners, and quality etiquette. He€™s Hannibal Lecter, essentially - driven to terrifying extremes of violence, but equally murderously irritated by lack of common courtesy. The wonderful George Sanders voices Shere Khan in the 1967 animated classic€ word is that, in this year€™s live action/CG family thriller, Idris Elba will take over dubbing duties, which is pitch perfect modern casting for this most dangerous yet cultivated man-eater.

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