15 Darkest Disney Villains Of All Time

13. Jafar - Aladdin (1992)

Many people would have placed ambitious Grand Vizier Jafar further towards the top of a list like this, but that€™s problematic for several reasons. He may be a schemer, a kidnapper, a usurper, a thief and (potentially) a killer€ but his essential incompetence derails his schemes. He has some small magical power, rooted in illusion and mesmerism€ but nothing to write home about. He doesn€™t have any goons or minions aside from Iago, a parrot afflicted with the voice of an incredibly irritating stand-up comedian. What Jafar does have - in spades - is a voracious, unquenchable, insatiable lust for power over everything and everyone around him. That€™s how he€™s clawed his way to the position of second most powerful man in Agrabah, just below the Sultan himself€ but he wants more. The problem is that he€™s reached his level in life: Jafar isn€™t powerful enough, smart enough, rich enough or noble enough to achieve any more power than he has already. His only ally is a parrot. Have I mentioned that? That€™s why he goes after the genie and the lamp - to give him the oomph he needs to have more control and more power. It€™s not for a specific purpose€ it€™s just an end in itself. More power, more power, always more power - that€™s why, when he achieves control of the genie, he ramps up his wishes. First, the Sultanate, then becoming the most powerful sorcerer in the world.
But all the money, political clout and magic can€™t persuade Jasmine to fall in love with him. Although he clearly has no real interest in her, she€™s someone he has no power over€ so he attempts to have his final wish be to have her for himself. That€™s when Aladdin steps in and points out that, for all his power, the genie is more powerful: and that€™s how Jafar is defeated. Phenomenal cosmic power€ itty bitty living space.

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