15 Deeply Tasteless Films That Will Offend Everyone

15. I Spit On Your Grave


I Spit on Your Grave, a rape-revenge film, is an extremely controversial movie that remains widely banned and continues to polarize. Some see it as a misunderstood exploitation classic while others, such as the late, great Roger Ebert see it as pure trash. Ebert and co are right in this case.

ISOYG is sickening garbage that represents the worst kind of exploitation cinema: it's a film which subjects its audience to nasty, misanthropic violent content for absolutely no reason. It contains a gang-rape sequence which literally goes on for half an hour, followed by a bunch of disturbing and problematic revenge scenes. It's a film which tells us absolutely nothing except that sexual violence is awful, which we already knew.

Another offensive thing about the film is the deeply unpleasant treatment of a mentally impaired man, who is shown being abused and eventually murdered by both the gang of rapists and protagonist Jennifer later on. In fairness to the film it isn't a misogynistic work like some say it is, since the audience is positioned with Jennifer and against the rapists, but since it's an endless display of horrifying violence with no likability, plot or purpose, it will make you sick.

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