15 Directors Who Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

15. Quentin Tarantino Loves Feet, Trunk Shots And Profanity

Tarantino GifIf Tarantino had made Die Hard, you can bet your ass that he would have found a way for John McClane not to have to run across broken glass and end up with bloody, lacerated feet. Because Quentin Tarantino doesn't want anything bad to happen to your feet; he wants them preserved, immaculately pedicured, the nails painted in front of his eyes, and preferably elevated to an optimum shooting angle, usually out of a car window (Death Proof) or on the edge of a couch (Jackie Brown), but the director'll still settle for following Uma Thurman's bare feet around from behind with a floor-height camera. It'll come as a surprise to no-one that QT loves to have his characters swear almost as much as he does himself, and the phrase "motherfucker" is basically the Tarantinoverse equivalent of "please", not to mention the racist slurs casually dropped into every other conversation. The writer/director of Reservoir Dogs has also included shots from the trunks of cars ever since his feature debut, whether there's a mysterious package or just a tied-up cop in there. He's nothing if not consistent with his own fake product placement too, having his characters smoke Red Apple cigarettes and eat Big Kahuna burgers (they even make an appearance in the Robert Rodriguez-directed From Dusk Till Dawn), although you'd be hard pressed to track them down in Django Unchained - drive-thrus weren't really a big thing in the Old West.

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