15 Films Audiences Got Right (But Critics Got Wrong)

Audiences aren't nearly as stupid as you think.


When using reviews to decide on the quality of a film, some prefer to use the critic scores while others prefer to use the general audience scores. There's debate about which scores are better to use, but the reality is that both are usually neck and neck and will mostly more or less agree on a film. That being said, scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb do often disagree as well.

It's useful to look at both websites when checking reviews out, since sometimes audiences actually get a film right while critics get it wrong (and vice versa), so both sites gives a more general overlook on critical reception.

Audience scores are very useful and sometimes more trustworthy since they're often more moderated in their praise of critically acclaimed films and more relaxed and fair about blockbusters, which frequently get written off by critics.

Film critics are fairly reliable, but they can get things badly wrong. Luckily, in the cases of these movies, the audiences judged them fairly. These following ratings prove that, for all the assumptions that the movie-going public is dumb, they're actually pretty smart...

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