15 Films That Took Major Strides In Animation

The film's that evolved a medium...

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Animation has come a long from what it used to be, stretching so far as 2D line art and colouring, to completely 3D landscapes. There might be a day when we ask what can it not do.

With interesting techniques or studios going against an over populated system, now and again movies are released that make us realise the potential market for future films of their stature.

So whether it is hand drawn, computer generated, or bit by bit pushed with a snap of the camera between each pose, here's a collection of films that have influenced the animation medium in cinema.

15. The LEGO Movie

Shrek 1
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After seeing even a little of The LEGO Movie, you'd be convinced that it was shot practically, but as we all knew later, it was entirely computer generated rather than traditionally stop motion captured.

One of the reasons it looked more real than any previous endeavours in CGI animation was down to the production team using a pioneering rendering software. It's called the ACES Colour And Coding System, and it allowed the animation team to use a full dynamic range of colour saturation, highlights, and shadows. In the earlier CGI landscape exposure would have to be shifted to fit the scene, since they ran on a total of five f-stops, when the human eye perceives twenty f-stops.

With this software, they were able to increase the ratio to 30. The sudden leap offered the movie to express details such as shimmers, reflections, the tiniest prints, and imperfections in the plastic, even in shadow and background blur.

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