15 Funniest Comedies Of The Last Decade

The side-splitter movies released since 2010...

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Although we live in a world where everyone has different tastes and opposing opinions, there's at least one thing that we can all practically agree on and it's that we love to laugh. There's really nothing quite like hearing or seeing something that forces you to chuckle and we've had plenty of that with the movies that have been released in the last decade.

From your R-rated joke-fests that poke fun at every taboo subject you could imagine to dramedies that incorporate the perfect dose of humour to offset a serious subject matter, it's quite clear that comedies are having their most creative period in film history ever. However, considering there's been a bunch of comedies that have been released, it would be a serious pain trying to sift through the not-so-funny films just to get the great ones.

That's why we've done the hard work for you and put together this list of the funniest films to come out over the last ten years. Whittling it down to 15 side-splitting comedies was incredibly hard, but these movies have separated themselves from the pack with their belly-laugh inducing scripts, hilarious acting and awesome visuals. While we've all got a different sense of humour, we can guarantee that there's something here for everyone. Let's begin...

15. Seven Psychopaths (2012)

Paul Rudd This Is 40

Throughout the last decade, we've come to learn that if there's one thing Martin and John Michael McDonagh are good at doing, it's making dark, yet extremely funny comedies. Some of them will be on this list later on, but let's start with Martin McDonagh's offbeat crime caper, Seven Psychopaths.

Starring Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson, this is certainly one of the stranger comedies to be made in the decade. Farrell plays Marty, a down on his luck writer, who is struggling to complete his screenplay, Seven Psychopaths. When Marty's criminal best friend gets himself involved himself in an unexpected situation, the film quickly goes down a rabbit hole of gun-toting gangsters, vengeful quakers, raspy voiced serial killers and kidnapped dogs.

McDonagh does a brilliant job of linking all the plots together to make a cohesive and extremely enjoyable film. Like a lot of great comedies, Seven Psychopaths is about a group of idiots who're very much in over their heads and it's thoroughly enjoyable watching the characters react to each situation they're put in.

However, it sets itself apart from others with the brilliant casting and the level of sarcastic humour on show. Out of McDonagh's four movies, this one doesn't quite get the love it deserves, but it definitely should.

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