15 Funniest Comedies Of The Last Decade

14. Easy A (2010)

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Although Emma Stone had already starred in some brilliant movies in her career, her first proper lead role was in the extremely funny Easy A. This movie not only helped solidify her as a big enough star to be the driving force in her own movie, but also as one of the most underrated comedic actresses of her generation.

Directed by Will Gluck, the movie centres around Stone's character, Olive Penderghast. After making up a lie that she lost her virginity to get out a weekend get together with her best friend and her parents, things spiral out of control quickly and she gains a reputation in school as being promiscuous.

However, instead of feeling bullied and victimised by her classmates, she accepts their verbal jibes and uses it to her advantage. Penderghast starts lying about who she's slept with, allowing the less cooler kids to say that they'd had sex with her in exchange for more gift cards than you could ever imagine.

Easy A does a brilliant job of separating itself from other teen comedies by putting an interesting and bold spin on this well-trodden genre. It manages to shine a light on what high school life can be like when a rumour gets out of hand, without being preachy and keeping the humour firmly intact.

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