15 Funniest Movie Moments Of 2016

14. Central Intelligence - Jason Bateman's Cameo

Deadpool Tiny Hand
Warner Bros.

Central Intelligence was a decent comedy, held together by the undeniable chemistry between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. And while those two actors are pretty funny in movie, Jason Bateman nearly walks away with the whole thing in his one-scene appearance.

Bateman plays Trevor, the bully who used to torment Bob (Johnson) in high school. When Bob and Calvin (Hart) are forced to seek Trevor's help, they're surprised to find he's a changed man. Trevor explains that after high school he found God and now regrets being so mean to Bob. Just as Bob is about to forgive him, Trevor laughs in his face, revealing it was all another prank.

Bateman has a ball playing such a cartoonish and immature villain. His attacks on Bob and Calvin are so vicious for absolutely no reason, but Bateman's one-liners are classic. When Calvin urges Bob to take revenge, Trevor doesn't back down from the muscle man, saying "He can't chug a bunch of steroids and elk urine and suddenly be able to kick my ass!" Watching Bateman tear down a man twice the size of him is pure entertainment and he even gets a nice jab in at Hart, saying "Well, you're still shorter than my cat." Scene-stealing at its finest.


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