15 Good Horror Films That Totally Lost It By The End

What is it with horror films and underwhelming endings?

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The horror genre might be one of the most fascinating genres there is, but its films suffer from lots of issues. As to what some of the biggest issues are, many often point to excessive gore, jump scares and a lack of atmosphere and suspense. However, there's one problem no-one ever mentions: how many horror films that simply screw up the climax.

The climax is rarely, if ever, the best part of a horror film. The frustrating thing is how many actually good horror films fail to offer a good pay-off. In fairness, this does feel somewhat inevitable.

After all, horror films are a genre which usually needs to keep progressively raising the stakes throughout and keep the momentum going, which is a lot harder than it looks. As well as this, usually an ending will involve revealing the source of the horror fully. If there's one thing horror's long history has taught us, it's that keeping the audience in the dark is the scarier route to go.

So horror films losing it at the end is understandable, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. As these following 15 films show, nothing, not even the classics, is immune.

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