15 Good Horror Films That Totally Lost It By The End

15. It (2017)

Warner Bros

The Film:

The much-hyped new adaptation of Stephen King's brilliant horror epic, which features a terrifying shape-shifting demon chasing and killing kids in a town in New England. This was definitely one of the best studio horror films of recent times and outdid the Tim Curry TV film in literally every single way.

A terrifying villain, strong scares, a funny and involving coming-of-age story and a fabulous young cast helped this remake soar to heights few horror remakes will ever go.

The Ending:

The end essentially involves the 7 kids playing whack-a-mole with the clown and hitting it repeatedly in the sewers, before it falls down a hole. There's far too much CGI and it simply isn't as scary as everything that came before it. As well as this, how can 7 kids defeat an evil, thousand-year-old monster just by hitting it repeatedly?

Given that most of the film prioritized suspense and atmosphere - which is what a horror film should do - this finale just felt far less sophisticated and scary than what came before it. Despite this, there are some good character moments before and after this disappointing final battle, so you won't leave the film feeling too sour.

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