15 Great Horror Movies (Nobody Ever Talks About)

Killer faeries, killer crocodiles, killer cannibals, and some killer soundtracks...

The Final Girls
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There are few things more tragic in the world of cinema than an unheralded classic.

Unseen gems are dotted throughout the decades of onscreen outings, appearing in every genre from comedy to sci-fi, and it’s always sad to see a (usually low budget, usually under-promoted) movie fail to find the audience it deserves upon release.

That said, some genres are friendlier to underrated flicks than others, and horror in particular is filled with cult curios which are given new life when critics reappraise them years after their initial subpar box office showing. Something about horror’s edgier, more off-the-wall style means fans of the genre are far more open to something a little rough around the edges, a touch surreal, or just less well-known than more mainstream releases.

As such, it took a lot of research to round up fifteen underrated great horrors for this list, when plenty of critics have spotlighted lesser-known horrors and subsequently catapulted them to fame over the years.

Nonetheless, plenty of research (read: sleepless nights spent watching these terrifying flicks) uncovered fifteen horrors which have yet to be rediscovered by most viewers.Give one a shot tonight—if you dare.

15. The Hallow

The Final Girls
Entertainment One

An Irish indie horror from 2015, this disturbing home invasion flick has faeries as its baddies—and it’s far scarier than that description implies.

Yes, the harmless sounding fiends may not seem like the scariest horror movie foes, but in the hands of future The Nun director Corin Hardy, the malformed beasties are a force to be reckoned with.

Filled with foreboding atmosphere, some beautiful but desolate scenery, and terrifying creature design, this indie flick deserved to be a far bigger hit. From its unsettling opening scenes through to the touching ending, the intense siege horror never lets up, and it’s a must watch for any genre fan as a result.


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