15 Greatest Hard Science Fiction Movies Of All Time

15. Robot And Frank

Samuel Goldwyn Films

Director Jake Schreier and writer Christopher Ford crafted one of the most understated - and underrated - science fiction movies in recent memory with Robot And Frank. Frank Langella stars as a retired thief Frank Weld, who is given a robot care assistant and decides to put his newfound companion to good use and revive his career as a cat burglar.

Set in a very near future which is thoroughly recognizable, it's a film which is slight and whimsical on the surface but carries with it a melancholic undercurrent, reflecting on the nature of ageing in a world where technology threatens to dehumanize how we care for the elderly.

Robot And Frank isn't concerned with unpacking the morality of artificial intelligence and how robots might pose a threat to the existence of humanity. But its exploration of Frank's slow slide into dementia and how this challenges the robot's programming is a far more unique approach to the material than is generally produced in Hollywood.

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