15 Greatest Star Wars Fan Films Of All Time

15 awesome Star Wars fan films that are out of this world!

Rebel Scum Star Wars Fan Film
Blood Brother Cinema

Anybody who has seen a Star Wars film has definitely been inspired by them in one shape or another. Who amongst us hasn't stuck a bucket on their heads and cracked their little brother around the back of the neck with a broomstick pretending to be Darth Vader? Who hasn't tried to use the force when the TV remote control is just that little bit out of reach?

The point is, the incredible possibilities within the Star Wars universe have made children and adults alike dream, fantasise and wonder what life would be like if they too were one with The Force.

For most of us, the dream ends there and we go about our lives with the sad realisation that we will probably never be able to talk our way out of a parking ticket by using a Jedi mind trick on a traffic warden. However, there are a few heroes who decided to take their dream and make it a reality by leaving their own mark and legacy on the Star Wars universe.

This article is a celebration of all of those filmmakers who made their dreams come true by creating their own Star Wars fan film for the world to enjoy. From Sith origin stories to tales from the Outer Rim, here are 15 Star Wars fan films which are out of this world!

15. The Dark Resurgence

Rebel Scum Star Wars Fan Film
Mike The Marine

Released in May 2018, Michael McCumber wrote, directed, produced and edited his Sith centred fan film titled The Dark Resurgence.

The Dark Resurgence is an all-out action adventure ride set after Return of the Jedi. With the Rebels struggling to come together and bring in a new dawn of peace, an old Sith empire emerged from the shadows lead by Lord Vycus.

This fan film ticks all the fan service boxes when it comes to a Star Wars film. A lightsaber battle between the Dark side and the Light, Rebel soldiers blasting Stormtroopers and plenty of force choking. Sure, Lord Vycus' delivery is a little bit cheesy and some of the lines feel recycled and familiar, but that doesn't take anything away from the fun of the film.

The prologue for this fan film was extremely well written and gives off a very strong Lord of the Rings vibe. In addition, the visual effects used are truly stunning and set up a unique take on what the Galaxy was like after the second Death Star's destruction.

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