15 Horror Movies You Really Shouldn't Watch Alone

Pure nightmare fuel.

Hush Film

There are great horror movies, and then there are horror movies so effective they burrow their way deep into your brain and actually affect your waking life.

These 15 horror movies, most of them classics in their own right, are so brilliantly atmospheric, suspenseful, intense and relatable that they've left millions double-checking the doors, keeping the lights on at night and generally haunted by unsettling images that just won't leave them.

From relatable home invasion horrors to more heightened genre efforts that'll leave you scanning the corners of every room you enter late at night, these are the films you shouldn't ever watch in an empty house at 3am, unless you actively want to give yourself an anxiety disorder, of course.

Tapping into our most basic and primal fears, these films are outstanding, legitimately terrifying works of cinema that feed off your imagination and as a result aren't easily forgotten. While jump scares leave virtually no lasting impact, these more thoughtful scare-fests will stick with you for months or even years...


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